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The last update happened at 11:23 Wed, 21 Nov 2018

I have a Ching wa Chu WH1081PC. Its ok and turned out more reliable than the La Crosse WS2305 I used for a week

The Weather for your shoephone.

Hottest: 14.8°C at 11:00
Coldest: 3.2°C at 4:04
Wind Gust NW 26 km/h at 9:23
Average wind W 7 km/h
Max wind Chill: 1.1°C at 3:56
Rain today: 1.5 mm
Hardest rain: 4.8 mm/hr at 7:28
Av humidity 91%
Max barometer: 1009.5 mbar at 7:58
Min barometer: 1006.3 mbar at 0:01
Hottest: 12.7°C at 18:47
Coldest: 5.1°C at 5:23
Windiest W 40 km/h at 12:44
Average wind SSW 9 km/h
Max wind Chill: 2.6°C
Rain yesterday: 8.4 mm
Hardest rain: 4.8 mm/hr at 12:40
Av humidity 90%
Max barometer: 1007.9 mbar at 8:28
Min barometer: 999.2 mbar at 17:21
This week
Hottest: 21.8°C on Sun
Coldest: 3.2°C on Wed
Windiest N/A 60 km/h on Sun
Average wind SW 9 km/h
Max wind Chill: -1.0°C
Rain this week: 24.3 mm
Hardest rain: 7.2 mm/hr on Mon
Av humidity 85%
Max barometer: 1009.5 mbar on Wed
Min barometer: 997.1 mbar on Sun
This month
Hottest: 29.9°C on 8/11
Coldest: 2.9°C on 10/11
Windiest NW 72 km/h on 8/11
Average wind S 9 km/h
Max wind Chill: -1.0°C
Rain this month: 72.6 mm
Hardest rain: 12.0 mm/hr on 9/11
Av humidity 77%
Max barometer: 1028.0 mbar on 14/11
Min barometer: 983.9 mbar on 3/11
This year
Hottest: 32.8°C on 20/01
Coldest: -4.0°C on 13/07
Windiest NW 83 km/h on 1/02
Average wind S 7 km/h
Max wind Chill: -5.1°C
Rain this year: 721.5 mm
Hardest rain: 55.2 mm/hr on 4/03
Av humidity 78%
Max barometer: 1036.7 mbar on 5/09
Min barometer: 974.4 mbar on 1/02
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