Waghornswood Weather

The last update happened at 09:00 Sat, 31 Oct 2020

This weather station will be unreliable for the next couple of months.

I have to decide on whether to repair the radio link,replace the whole station

or finally get around to building my own.

Hottest: 20.5°C at 1:43
Coldest: 17.2°C at 0:47
Wind Gust NW 33 km/h at 1:45
Average wind E 7 km/h
Max wind Chill: 17.2°C at 0:47
Rain today: 0.0 mm
Hardest rain: 0.0 mm/hr at 0:00
Av humidity 54%
Max barometer: 1010.4 mbar at 0:33
Min barometer: 1005.4 mbar at 8:35
This week
Hottest: 30.6°C on Sun
Coldest: 5.6°C on Wed
Windiest WNW 43 km/h on Sun
Average wind SE 9 km/h
Max wind Chill: 5.2°C
Rain this week: 18.6 mm
Hardest rain: 3.6 mm/hr on Tue
Av humidity 79%
Max barometer: 1034.4 mbar on Wed
Min barometer: 1005.4 mbar on Sat
This month
Hottest: 30.6°C on 25/10
Coldest: 0.8°C on 10/10
Windiest N 65 km/h on 19/10
Average wind SE 9 km/h
Max wind Chill: -2.3°C
Rain this month: 29.7 mm
Hardest rain: 6.0 mm/hr on 14/10
Av humidity 73%
Max barometer: 1035.2 mbar on 9/10
Min barometer: 996.0 mbar on 19/10
This year
Hottest: 35.2°C on 2/02
Coldest: -4.1°C on 14/06
Windiest NW 86 km/h on 17/09
Average wind S 8 km/h
Max wind Chill: -5.3°C
Rain this year: 350.4 mm
Hardest rain: 22.8 mm/hr on 19/07
Av humidity 76%
Max barometer: 1041.8 mbar on 13/06
Min barometer: 975.7 mbar on 13/04
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